Privacy Policy

Introduction : –

We at College Padhai are dedicated to respecting your privacy and understanding your need for the proper conservation and maintenance of confidential information that you share with us, in accordance with relevant information laws and regulations.

This Policy is subject to the provisions of the College Padhai Policy and the Implementation. This policy applies to all those who sign up on the portal provided by College Padhai, concerning the use of our services, or for those whose information will be received in association with its services.

Personal Information is any relevant data relating to a specific or recognizable human being on earth. Using a specific common identifier such as name, location data, identification number, online identifier, or maybe more matters about the natural person’s physical, genetic, physiological, economic, mental, social, or cultural identity or any other piece of information under applicable laws and regulations.

Collection of Information

College Padhai collects the information about you and your usage so that we can provide each of our users with good services. We are trying to collect information in the following ways:

  • Most of our services require registration to a College Padhai account. While you’re doing it, we will collect your personal information, including, your name, email Id, and phone number, to set up or update your account.
  • To give you loads of extra services, we might obtain your profile details, such as educational details, professional experience, birthdate, etc.
  • We retrieve feedback on the services you are using and how you are using them, like, login information and location information.
  • We can sometimes collect your personal data, like bank details, passport details to assist study overseas, which may include facilities like student profile, recommendation letter, student visa, and college application.
  • When you communicate with College padhai application or use the College Padhai platform to interact with other members like advertisers, universities, etc., we gather data regarding your interaction and any detailed details you want to provide.

Personal Information Processing

College Padhai will process your Personal Information for the following purposes:

  • We use data gathered from cookies and some other techniques, like pixel tags, to focus on improving the experience for users as well as the overall performance of our facilities. When displaying tailored ads, we will also not equate a cookie identifier or related technologies with delicate sections, including those based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or health.
  • Our automated machines scrutinize your content and offer users personalized search results, suggestions, and relevant promos.
  • Send your notifications and newsletter(s) only if the user has subscribed for the same. also, to unsubscribe, users need to visit their account settings.
  • Trying to improve our website and its content to give quality services and features
  • Regularly perform research and surveys with the intent of enhancing our goods and services.
  • Deliver users details about the products and services for advertising purposes and promos.
  • Prohibiting, identifying, investigating, and prosecuting offenses like fraud and other financial crimes in any judiciary, authentication, monitoring of government sanctions, and due diligence

Cookies and other technologies

Some of our websites use “cookies” and several other related stuff. A “cookie” is a small text file that can be used to gather data about the exercise of the website, for instance. Some cookies and other technologies could be used to retrieve Private Information initially given by a User.

Tracking technologies could collect information like Web domains as well as host, (IP) Internet Protocol addresses, operating system types and web software, times and dates, and clickstream patterns our site has handled.


The website has a provision for fulfilling the age requirement. The user must agree that the user is of the minimum specified age.

In the incident that if you’re a citizen of the European Union, the age limit for such purposes shall be 16, however, if local legislation demands users to also be older for College Padhai to lawfully provide the facilities on the website to you, that older age shall apply as the minimum age in power.

Third-Party Services

Third parties also offer services available on behalf of College Padhai. College Padhai would provide data, such as Private Details, that College Padhai collects mostly on the Internet to third-party service providers to help us offer programs, items, information, and services. Service providers are always an essential way of maintaining the college padhai website and mailing lists. College Padhai will take measures to ensure that such third-party service providers are required to defend Private Data on behalf of college padhai

College padhai doesn’t aim to transmit Private Information without the client’s permission to third parties unless the transmission is essential for the provision of the relevant services and lawful reasons.

Please understand that college padhai will sometimes include links to other websites that are not relevant to this Privacy Policy. Users to Our Site may also be directed to third-party web pages for some further details, like marketers, blog posts, content sponsorship deals, seller services, social networking sites, etc.

Sharing Information

We regulate access to confidential information to employees who we assume adequately need to identify a certain detail to carry out their work to provide, execute, create or enhance our goods or services.

College padhai does not lease, sell or disclose personal information of you with other individuals or non-affiliated industries except as follows:

  • To provide the services or products users have demanded,
  • Once we’ve received the client’s approval,
  • Or even in the following situations:

We deliver data to trusted partners acting on behalf of college padhai’ under confidentiality clauses. Such industries could use client’s private data to help College padhai communicate to you about the options offered by ‘College padhai and our marketing partners. Even so, such industries had no autonomous responsibility to share this relevant data.

We think that it is essential to share data to scrutinize, inhibit or take measures on illicit behavior, suspicious scam, instances that included possible threats to something like the personal security of every individual, violations of the College Padhai Terms of Use required by law.

We react to arrest warrants, legal procedures, or court action, or formulate or practice our rights under the law, or protect ourselves toward future disputes.

We transmit data of you if college padhai is purchased or combined with another organization.

We share any information to universities or educational institutions, etc., based on your search history or interpretation of involvement in courses, disciplines as well as institutions, or even in the scenario of application fields for enrolment to certain universities or educational institutions, which could further communicate users as well as process your information for such reasons.

Personal Information Retention

Your private details processed by College Padhai shall be kept in such a manner that authorizes your recognition no longer than needed for the reasons under which the individual’s data is processed under statutory, governmental, contractual, or enforceable obligations as applicable.

Upon expiration of these intervals, the client’s private details would be archived under regulatory standards obligations or to comply with legal statutory time limit intervals.

Social media:

College Padhai operates channels, blogs, and accounts on certain social networking sites to notify, facilitate and participate with you. College Padhai analyses and records responses and replies about College Padhai on these platforms to enhance its services and products. Make sure details should not be conveyed to College Padhai through social networking sites:

Delicate private details include:

  1.  specialized personal data or information, i.e., any data that reveals the racial or cultural origin, political views, religious or spiritual ideologies or membership of trade unions, and the handling of genetic information, biometric data with the purpose of verification purpose of a legal person, health information or details pertaining to the sexual history of a legal person.
  2. Numerous different delicate private details, including criminal backgrounds and offenses and national identification numbers;
  3. Inappropriate, unacceptable, aggressive or disrespectful information to clients.

College Padhai is not responsible about any material published on such sites besides content presented on its behalf by its staff. College Padhai is entirely responsible for their own use of private information

Security and Confidentiality

The security and confidentiality of clients Private Data is important to us and college padhai has invested significant resources to support the integrity and privacy of your private information. While using external service providers behaving as processors, we necessitate them to comply with the same guidelines as college

We possess physical, electronic, and structural protections that comply with the rules in force in India to ensure privacy. We focus on ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and its guidelines to guarantee the security and safety of your confidentiality.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

College Padhai reserves the right to improve, revise or modify this policy from time to time. The policy shall come into effect from the date of such revision, modification, or alteration.


College Padhai will not be responsible for any loss or disruption suffered as a result of any disclaimer (unintentional or other) about any details relating to the customer’s profile and/or data relevant to or about online transactions using credit/debit cards and/or their validation and particulars, or for any inaccuracy, deletion or inconsistency concerning any kind of data so divulged and then used, regardless of whether or not in the course of a judicial process or other. College Padhai doesn’t store any information about your credit/debit card.